The NH-L9i has been designed for the Intel LGA115x platform. While it can be installed without any problems on most AM4 motherboards using the NM-AM4-L9aL9i kit, it is possible that it may not fit in some cases. Therefore, please be extra careful when installing the NH-L9i on AM4 and verify that the cooler doesn’t press against any other components.

Furthermore, please note that there has been a minor revision of the NH-L9i heatsink in April 2013 (see illustration below). Since this revision, the heatsink features a cut-out on one side in order to provide better clearance for tall motherboard components. If you install the cooler on an AM4 motherboard that has tall components close to the socket and if your heatsink has the cut-out, you can orient the cooler in such a way that the cut-out is above the components to maximise clearance. Regardless of whether your heatsink has the cut-out, please carefully double-check that it doesn’t press against any components!