This video will guide you through the installation process of the SecuFirm2™ mounting system step by step for coolers which do not yet include the mounting parts for LGA1700. 

For coolers that are compatible with LGA1700 as well, please follow this video instead, as this has also affected the installation steps on LGA1200/LGA115x.

To determine if your cooler comes with LGA1700 compatible parts, please take a look at this FAQ.

Prior to installing the cooler, please consult the Noctua Compatibility Centre (NCC) and verify that the cooler is fully compatible with your motherboard.

Please also make sure that your PC case offers sufficient clearance for the cooler and that there are no compatibility issues with any other components (e.g. tall RAM modules). 

Double check that the heatsink and fan clips do not make contact with the VGA card, other PCIe cards, motherboard heatsinks or any other components. 

Noctua cannot be held responsible for any damage or losses caused by compatibility issues. 

Multilingual versions of this manual are available on our website.