The industrialPPC (iPPC) models are high-speed fans for industrial heavy duty applications that require enhanced cooling performance. While their outstanding aerodynamic efficiency allows keeping noise levels moderate as against comparable high-speed fans, it is inevitable that the faster industrialPPC models are louder than the slower standard models when compared at their respective maximum speeds. 

For example, the standard NF-F12 PWM emits a noise level of 22.6dB(A) at its maximum speed of 1500rpm whereas the NF-F12 industrialPPC-2000 PWM emits a noise level of 29.7dB(A) at its maximum speed of 2000rpm. When both fans are adjusted to the same speed via PWM or voltage control though, the noise level is similar (except for the fact that the industrialPPC fans' high-speed motors can be slightly audible at close range when running at speeds below around 1000rpm). If you want to reduce the noise levels of industrialPPC fans, we therefore recommend reducing the speed via motherboard fan control or our NA-FC1 fan controller.

If you don’t need the extended performance headroom of the high-speed industrialPPC fans, we recommend using our standard, chromax or redux line models as these provide excellent quietness of operation without speed reduction.