The NA-TPG1 thermal paste guard is a simple yet highly effective means to preclude thermal paste build-up in the cut-outs of the heat-spreader of AMD AM5 CPUs. When the mounting pressure of the cooling solution is applied, excess thermal paste will be squeezed outwards. With AM5 CPUs, this excess paste tends to accumulate in the cut-outs at the sides of the heat-spreader and may become difficult to remove. 

Simple and risk-free to apply, the NA-TPG1 prevents this undesired phenomenon. Combined with the ten included NA-CW1 cleaning wipes, the NA-STPG1 set gives you everything you need to keep your AM5 processor clean.

Does the NA-TPG1 have any effect on CPU temperature?

No, there is no measurable impact on CPU temperatures.

Can the NA-TPG1 withstand the heat of the CPU?

Of course, the NA-TPG1 is made from highly heat-resistant polycarbonate and can withstand temperatures of up to 130°C.