The NA-FG1 is a fan grill to protect the fan and its surroundings from damage via a metal grill. Noctua’s NA-FG1 are premium grade fan grills for the highest demands in acoustic optimisation and ease of installation. Thanks to an offset design with round struts, the guards offer excellent protection with minimal impact on the fan’s acoustics and flow rate.

How do I install the NA-FG1? 

You can find detailed installation instructions by following this link.

Can I install the NA-FG1 on my Noctua CPU cooler? 

Yes, the NA-FG1 is compatible with all our CPU coolers except the NH-D12L, NH-D12L and NH-L12 Ghost S1 Edition, due to insufficient distance between fan and heatsink.

Can I use the NA-FG1 on AIO watercooling radiators? 

Yes, the NA-FG1 is compatible with watercooling radiators. Although, you will need M3x35 screws, as also additional 3 mm plastic spacers in order to not damage your radiator.