The SecuFirm2™ mounting system requires a standard AMD backplate (either plastic or metal) with screw threads as shown in the pictures below. These backplates are pre-installed on the rear side of most AMD motherboards (see first picture below) and fixed to the retention module with four screws (see second picture below). If your motherboard does not include a stock backplate, please contact our Noctua service team at However, please note that delivery may take up to 20 business days, they can also be found on Amazon should you need them quicker. On AM5 systems, the backplate is fixed to the motherboard and cannot be removed.

Please first remove the motherboard’s stock CPU cooler retention module by unscrewing it from the backplate (if it has not already been removed for previous installations). On AM4, the stock backplate will become loose when unscrewing the retention module, so hold it in place for the next step. On AM5, the stock backplate is screw-fixed to the socket, so should simply remain in place (see third picture below). Next, put on the plastic spacers onto the threads of the backplate, then fix the mounting bars using the included screws (see fourth picture below).