Intel’s 14th generation Core processors (i9-14900K, i9-14900KF, i7-14700K, i7-14700KF, i5-14600K, i5-14600KF) use the same LGA1700 socket as the 12th and 13th generation, so all Noctua CPU coolers that support LGA1700 can be used with these CPUs.

In practice, this means that most Noctua CPU coolers bought since late 2021 are compatible with Intel’s 14th gen CPUs without further upgrades. Please see this FAQ for how to check if your cooler already includes LGA1700 mounting parts.

Most older coolers that do not yet include LGA1700 mounting hardware can be upgraded to support LGA1700 using our free-of-charge mounting upgrade kits. Please refer to our socket compatibility overview for details on socket compatibility and upgrade kits.

For performance recommendations and information on how much turbo headroom to expect with various cooler models on a particular CPU, please refer to our CPU compatibility list.