The front fan of the NH-D15 overhangs the RAM slots on many motherboards.

If your RAM modules are no taller than 32 mm:

Out of the box, the NH-D15 allows for RAM modules with a height of up to 32 mm. In this default setup, the cooler height is 168 mm.

Using the NH-D15 with RAM modules taller than 32 mm:

  • Option 1 - Moving the front fan up by a few millimetres 
    This will increase the total cooler height! Use the calculator below to find out the exact height.
  • Option 2 - Installing a 120 mm fan instead of the included fan
    This makes room for up to 52 mm tall RAM modules, with a total cooler height of 168 mm.

    When using taller RAM modules, use the calculator below to find out the resulting cooler height.
    As a 120 mm fan we would recommend the NF-A12x25 PWM or the NF-F12 PWM.
  • Option 3 - Removing the fan above the RAM modules
    This way, only the heatsink will overhang the RAM modules. The total cooler height is 160 mm in this setup.

    There is space for RAM modules with a height of up to 66 mm below the heatsink.
    Using the NH-D15 with only fan will, however, lead to a slightly worsened cooling performance, identical to that of the NH-D15S.

An increase in the total cooler height matters, as it could potentially lead to compatibility issues with your case, i.e. the case might be too narrow so that the side panel can no longer be closed.

How tall is the NH-D15 when using it with RAM modules taller than 32 mm?

Please look up the exact height of your RAM modules. You can do so by entering the model into our Noctua Compatibility Centre RAM section.

Next, enter the height into the calculator and click on “Calculate height”.